California DMV Licensing Operations Headquarters

Occupational Licensing Branch – Headquarter Sections
Licensing Sections:
Business Licensing Unit: Dealers, Lessor-Retailers, Dismantlers, Registration Services, Transporters, and Driving & Traffic Violator School (Owner, Operator & Instructors) contact: (916) 229-3126
Individual Licensing Unit: Salesperson, Representatives, Vehicle Verifiers, Vessel Agents and Employer Testing Program Participants contact: (916) 229-3128
OL Compliance: Manufacturers, Distributors, or questions regarding products requiring licensure should contact: (916) 229-3154
Compliance and Support Sections:
Application Review/Administrative Disciplinary Action (916) 229-3129
Administrative Service Fee (916) 229-3138
Dishonored Checks (916) 229-3138
Surety Bond Cancellation/Reinstatement/Replacement (916) 229-3307
Information Services:
Voice Mail Line (916) 229-3151
Group Mailbox

Mailing Information:

Postal Service

Occupational Licensing Section
P. O. Box 932342 MS L224
Sacramento, CA 94232-3420

Courier Deliveries Only – No Public Access

Occupational Licensing Section
8243 Demetre Ave
Sacramento, CA 95828

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