where can i file a complaint against a car dealer ???

Problems with a vehicle purchase can DMV help me

Filing a Complaint with the Department of Motor Vehicles

You should know that DMV has limited resources to review and catalog these complaints.

Your information will be reviewed by Investigations and Audits and/or Licensing Operations.

Not all complaints are investigated.

Use the (Record of Complaint Form (INV 172A)

to register a complaint regarding a new or used vehicle dealer, a broker, dismantler,

registration service, vehicle verifier, driving school or traffic violator school.

Only written complaints, submitted on this form, are accepted.

DMV investigators conduct selective investigations of these licensees and their activities,

based upon the department’s priorities, patterns of misconduct and the availability of personnel.

Your complaint will be kept on file in case an investigation is undertaken against this party or firm.

If this occurs, you may be contacted.

You should know that, even if DMV conducts an investigation, this can only result in criminal or administrative action against the licensee,

and may not result in any monetary judgment or award to you or other victims.

Your only recourse to recover a financial loss, or to seek another remedy,

is to consider filing a civil claim against the licensee.