Arizona Title Scam Out of Business

1500 Dealer Agents

of an illegal Dealer License SCAM

have been left stranded with the arrest of the Principals

If you want to be legit with auction access & dealer plates

you have to take our class, pass the DMV Exam & Get Licensed




REAL Dealers teaching Dealers



Wholesale Vehicle Service

Wholesale Dealers can draft thru our Retail License

We then post fees and issue plates.

$250. per car.

$85. doc fee.


WholesaleDealer 101 Training #realcardealerschool

Pay No Sales Taxes or DMV Fees on Wholesale Purchases – TriStar

Dealer License Classes Hosted Across California

✅ Buy Vehicles at Dealer-Only Auctions

✅ Run Your Own Used Car Dealer / Broker Business

✅ Obtain Generous Parts and Service Discounts

✅ Pay No Sales Tax or DMV Fees on Vehicles You Purchase

✅ #realcardealerschool

✅ Call Today 800-901-5950


Fremont Wholesale Auto Auction

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WholesaleDealer 101 Training #realcardealerschool

Mentors are allowed to attend the car dealer class at no charge

Dealer License + Auction Access + Plates

We are NOT Attorneys who have a wholesale license and no experience
We are NOT retired DMV Inspectors who pretend to know the business
We are NOT Product Vendors trying to sell you unneeded car dealer products
We ARE the only real car dealer school
We ARE actual retail car dealer / brokers
We ARE also licensed as DMV verifiers
We ARE also licensed as DMV registration agents
Our dedication to quality dealer education can include:
 answering questions before, during & after the class
 handbooks and printed materials included in the class price
 providing a list of certified used car dealer vendors
 a complete build of your dealer license application
 site inspection prior to DMV licensing
 red flag rules training for BHPH used car dealers
 salesperson training
 licensed verifier training
 DMV paperwork training ( including BPA )
 expert witness testimony in the event of enforcement action
Mentors are encouraged to come with their dealer license student
Mentors are allowed to attend the car dealer class at no charge