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WholesaleDealer 101 Training #realcardealerschool

2021 Dealer Renewal Online


Online Car Dealer Renewal Certificates 2021

Dealer Renewal Training Program

Now you can complete your renewal program quickly Simply: 

1) FAX or SCAN your documents, 

2) complete the test and 

3) we send your certificate USPS priority mail – it’s that easy! 

If you need it sooner we also offer USPS Express mailing service. 

WholesaleDealer 101 Training #realcardealerschool




DealerLicense Forum devoted to

answering every possible dealer applicant question.

AutoGodfather teaching DealerClass 101 since 1998

The largest & oldest DMV Certified Car Dealer School in California.



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WholesaleDealer 101 Training #realcardealerschool

Online Training Academy

Thats Right

Second Students are FREE

DMV requires only ONE Certified applicant per Dealership

Leverage Your Dealer Training

Bring Your Partner at No Charge





WholesaleDealer 101 Training #realcardealerschool

Mentors are allowed to attend the car dealer class at no charge

Dealer License + Auction Access + Plates

We are NOT Attorneys who have a wholesale license and no experience
We are NOT retired DMV Inspectors who pretend to know the business
We are NOT Product Vendors trying to sell you unneeded car dealer products
We ARE the only real car dealer school
We ARE actual retail car dealer / brokers
We ARE also licensed as DMV verifiers
We ARE also licensed as DMV registration agents
Our dedication to quality dealer education can include:
 answering questions before, during & after the class
 handbooks and printed materials included in the class price
 providing a list of certified used car dealer vendors
 a complete build of your dealer license application
 site inspection prior to DMV licensing
 red flag rules training for BHPH used car dealers
 salesperson training
 licensed verifier training
 DMV paperwork training ( including BPA )
 expert witness testimony in the event of enforcement action
Mentors are encouraged to come with their dealer license student
Mentors are allowed to attend the car dealer class at no charge

Dealer Plates 101

We cover these topics in our car dealer class:

Dealership License Type: Wholesale, Retail or Autobroker
What type of dealer license is right for you? We will explain the benefits of each type of license.

DMV License Requirements
We explain just who can get a Dealer License and all of your required items.

Dealership Location
Your choice of Dealership License Type will dictate your location requirements. You will always need an Office.

DMV Forms Kit
Our exclusive Retail Dealer Forms Kit makes compliance EZ & simple. $75.

Dealer Auction Access
You and your staff will gain auction access to dealer only auctions across the state & beyond.

DMV Advertising Regulations
We explain how to legally advertise and how a wholesaler can sell to the public.

DMV Dealer Examination
We make sure you can pass this exam. We make it EZ for you.

NICB Stolen Vehicle Query
Every student learns how to check the VIN for free to identify stolen vehicles prior to purchase.

DMV Software for Lender Access
Exclusive access to DMV Dealer Management Software to access over 100 lenders with one application.

Branded Title Identification
Car Dealer Attorneys are making branded title sales almost impossible.

Dealer Activities Which Are Not Lawful
Compliance is simple & EZ. We help you avoid simple mistakes. Even simple mistakes get experienced dealers into trouble.

Out of State & Out of Country Sales
Exporting vehicles can be very good business but the correct paperwork is essential.

Dealer Plates & Personal Use Reporting
Dealer Plates are like gold but require special handling to be completely legal. Personal Use must be reported monthly to the CDTFA. We show you how.

DMV Registration Agent 101
We can teach you how to issue license plates & reg stickers in house with the DMV BPA system. If that is not for you we are fully licensed to process your dealer vehicle sales.

Vehicle History Disclosure
We only use VINAudit with special pricing for our dealer students.

Drafted Dealer Sales
We will show you how to mrket your services to local wholesalers.

Car Dealer 101 in California
WholesaleDealer 101 Training #realcardealerschool

Tracy Wholesaler

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WholesaleDealer 101 Training #realcardealerschool

Wholesale Dealer License with Dealer Plates

READY, SET, GO  Getting your Dealer License

All California vehicle dealer applicants must take a mandatory six-hour course training as mandated by the Department of Motor Vehicles before obtaining a vehicle dealer license. We conduct the courses throughout California. The fee for our new dealer course is:

$250 – scheduled classes AND
$350 – for our private classes.

TriStar dealer training is an excellent alternative to most new dealer programs, as we are retired training officers, licensed DMV dealers/brokers/registration agents/verification agents and never in the business of selling you dealer products.

The goal of each session is to provide comprehensive training in an easy to read and follow format.

As our dealer licence student you will be shown the required materials in our handbook, with an in-depth explanation of each required topic.

We offer training beyond expectation as currently licensed retail dealers/brokers.

Anytime, if you have questions or need help you may call us toll free at: 800-901-5950.

Signing up for the DMV approved pre-licensing class:

  • Registration and Class Completion – The course mandate covers a variety of topics and our program has full approval of the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Download Our How Do I Become A Car Dealer Check list to get all of your questions answered
  • Sign-up now to secure your seat with a valid credit card. Confirmation and directions will be sent via E Mail within 24 hours.

WholesaleDealer 101 Training #realcardealerschool

@iamfarmo 559-800-0813

Getting your used car dealer license is a process

and we help you before, during & after the car dealer class


We are the only licensed retail dealer / brokers with a teaching license

Let us help you build your Used Car Dealer License

Let us help you find vendors to make serious money


We have more teachers in more locations

than any other car dealer school


DMV Certified Car Dealer Education since 1998


Farhan Mohammadi


Teaching in Fresno, Long Beach, Hollywood, Ventura and Burbank



Claudia Patton


Teaching in Culver City, Hollywood, Los Angeles & Orange County


Larry Laskowski


Teaching in Sacramento, Roseville & Fairfield


Azita Rezaei


Teaching in Fairfield, Fremont, Fresno, Bakersfield and Burbank


Jorge Elizalde


Teaching in Modesto, Tracy, Stockton, Turlock & Fresno


Elizabeth Bertolone


Teaching in Gilroy, Campbell, Salinas, & San Jose


Iris Cervantes


Teaching in La Mesa, Temecula, Riverside & San Diego


Sony Duong


Teaching in Garden Grove, Anaheim, Long Beach & Los Angeles


Sonia Haloulos


Teaching in San Diego, La Mesa, National City & Chula Vista





Private Dmv Verification Agent Classes also available

Private Dmv Registration Agent Classes also available

Private Dmv Dismantler License Classes also available

Private Dmv Renewal License Classes are also available





WholesaleDealer 101 Training #realcardealerschool

DealerAcademy101 SalesTaxCredit

Certain dealers licensed to sell used vehicles face changes in the way they pay sales taxes beginning January 1, 2021.  New legislation, Assembly Bills 82 and 85 requires sellers of used vehicles to pay to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) sales tax at the same time they submit the vehicle registration/transfer application. 

Dealers submitting sales tax to DMV are still required to file returns with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) and will be able to take a credit for the sales tax paid directly to the DMV. 

DMV Sales Tax Information Page

DMV Sales Tax FAQ Page



WholesaleDealer 101 Training #realcardealerschool

DealerClass 101 Moves Online