Dealer License SCAM Auction License

  • Dealer Auction License Dealer License Scams. The service uses the term “dealer auction license”. 
  • There is NO dealer auction license
  • Dealer only auctions are in the business of auctioning vehicles, for a fee to the seller and the buyer,  for owners such as dealers, banks, leasing companies, car rental companies, etc.  The auction just provides the auction service between the seller and buyer.  To access a dealer only auction, the business must be a dealer buyer or a seller exempt from your state’s dealer license requirements (banks, leasing companies, insurance companies, car rental companies, etc).

Since there are hundreds of auctions around the country, the registration process to allow entry, has been simplified.  Dealers register with the service Auction Access.  Once approved a dealer obtains an ID card for each of their employees authorized to purchase under their auction account.  The ID card resembles a credit card with a photo that the buyers can use to scan into the auction. 

Visit the Auction Access web site to review the service.