Arizona Title Scam Out of Business

1500 Dealer Agents

of an illegal Dealer License SCAM

have been left stranded with the arrest of the Principals

If you want to be legit with auction access & dealer plates

you have to take our class, pass the DMV Exam & Get Licensed




REAL Dealers teaching Dealers



Wholesale Vehicle Service

Wholesale Dealers can draft thru our Retail License

We then post fees and issue plates.

$250. per car.

$85. doc fee.



Home Based Used Car Dealer

Home Based Office

$10k Dealer Bond

CDTFA Resale Permit

Local Business License

Car Dealer License Plates

Wholesale Fleet Insurance

Get Licensed NOW

Auction Access Today




Fremont Wholesale Auto Auction

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Online Car Dealer Renewal Certificates 2021

Dealer Renewal Training Program

Now you can complete your renewal program quickly Simply: 

1) FAX or SCAN your documents, 

2) complete the test and 

3) we send your certificate USPS priority mail – it’s that easy! 

If you need it sooner we also offer USPS Express mailing service. 


Dealer Plates 101

We cover these topics in our car dealer class:

Dealership License Type: Wholesale, Retail or Autobroker
What type of dealer license is right for you? We will explain the benefits of each type of license.

DMV License Requirements
We explain just who can get a Dealer License and all of your required items.

Dealership Location
Your choice of Dealership License Type will dictate your location requirements. You will always need an Office.

DMV Forms Kit
Our exclusive Retail Dealer Forms Kit makes compliance EZ & simple. $75.

Dealer Auction Access
You and your staff will gain auction access to dealer only auctions across the state & beyond.

DMV Advertising Regulations
We explain how to legally advertise and how a wholesaler can sell to the public.

DMV Dealer Examination
We make sure you can pass this exam. We make it EZ for you.

NICB Stolen Vehicle Query
Every student learns how to check the VIN for free to identify stolen vehicles prior to purchase.

DMV Software for Lender Access
Exclusive access to DMV Dealer Management Software to access over 100 lenders with one application.

Branded Title Identification
Car Dealer Attorneys are making branded title sales almost impossible.

Dealer Activities Which Are Not Lawful
Compliance is simple & EZ. We help you avoid simple mistakes. Even simple mistakes get experienced dealers into trouble.

Out of State & Out of Country Sales
Exporting vehicles can be very good business but the correct paperwork is essential.

Dealer Plates & Personal Use Reporting
Dealer Plates are like gold but require special handling to be completely legal. Personal Use must be reported monthly to the CDTFA. We show you how.

DMV Registration Agent 101
We can teach you how to issue license plates & reg stickers in house with the DMV BPA system. If that is not for you we are fully licensed to process your dealer vehicle sales.

Vehicle History Disclosure
We only use VINAudit with special pricing for our dealer students.

Drafted Dealer Sales
We will show you how to mrket your services to local wholesalers.

Car Dealer 101 in California

Redding MobileDMV

  • Renew your annual vehicle registration
  • Replace lost stickers and/or registration cards
  • Transfer a title
  • Issue a replacement vehicle title
  • Release liability
  • Out of State VIN Verifications
  • Draft Wholesale to Retail Sale
  • Lift registration suspension
  • Replace lost or stolen license plates
  • Dealer Discounts Available
  • Text Me Azita 415-730-3137