Are You Ready for a DMV Spot Check ???

DMV Inspectors are resuming Spot Checks of existing Licensed Used Car Retail Dealers

When a California DMV inspector drops by your dealership, shows you her official identification and says she wants to take a look around she is conducting an unannounced Spot Check.

No need to feel caught off guard, just remember what is required.

Our unique Car Dealer Forms Starter Kit is updated annually and for $ 75. you will have ONE original copy of every form the DMV Inspector will ask to see.

Random inspections are becoming more common.

These unannounced inspections can be a major headache.

The DMV Inspector must give you 30 days to correct any violations before asking a DMV Investigator to issue a citation. The citation leads to a DMV hearing and possible suspension and / or loss of license.

Inspections can become an opportunity to show off your compliance standards and reassure the DMV inspector you understand the importance of compliance.

DMV has the right to examine the public areas of your dealership during business hours and your inventory offered for sale. DMV Inspectors check for violations of the numerous California laws regarding signage, postings and display.

We are the licensing experts and very familiar with the problems that are commonly raised by DMV Inspectors. The DMV uses an inspection checklist during an inspection, and a complete inspection takes at least one hour. Be as cooperative as you can be with the DMV Inspector and understand her goal is compliance, not giving you a citation. She will ask you to sign her completed inspection report and give you a copy. We can help reduce the number of issues raised by your DMV Inspector:

  • Are your dealer and salesperson licenses posted in an easily-visible area?
  • Ensure that the dealer license has been signed by an authorized owner or corporate officer.
  • Are each of these licenses current?
  • Are your Reports of Sale in order & properly secured?
  • Are your used car buyers guides properly completed and posted?
  • Are all of your advertised vehicle ads prominently displayed?

Remember customer information such as credit applications, social security numbers and deal jackets must remain confidential and be secured at all times. Your Red Flag Rules Certification should be clearly posted, especially if you have A BHPH total above 10% of your total sales.